Master Rondy, founder of the 24,000 sq. ft. superschool located in Cary, North Carolina, USA attributes her school’s success to the combination of her two careers. Master Rondy started in Detroit, Michigan in the advertising, marketing and Public Relations industry. Her knack for promotion led to numerous business awards and eventually her own agency. Her need for self defense in a big city led to training in martial arts. Passion for her new activity evolved into part ownership of her own school as well a positon on the Korean Tiger Professional Demonstration Team in South Korea. Being the only ever non-member of the team earned her the nickname, “White Tiger."

After two years of living, training and touring in South Korea, she returned to the states to form White Tiger, combining her experience in marketing and her skills from the K Tigers.

Master Rondy specializes in starting and growing small schools. Instead of spending on advertising, she employs creative marketing/PR programs that are low-cost, no-cost and in some cases, income generating that create a steady steeam of new prospects and students each and every month. 

Need help growing your school? Master Rondy’s White Tiger Gloaballiance can help! 

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